<![CDATA[Mens Floral Blazers - Seriously Elegant Styles To Watch. - Blog]]>Tue, 22 Dec 2015 20:22:13 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Mens Floral Blazer Styles Suitable For The Office?]]>Thu, 24 Dec 2015 01:29:10 GMThttp://meppeastprogram.weebly.com/blog/mens-floral-blazer-styles-suitable-for-the-officeFloral blazers may not be the first thing that comes to mind for men who are office savvy. The mere design and hues used in floral motifs aren't something a professional boss might be fond of! The truth is, that like most of menswear clothing, styles can vary, and depending on your career, floral blazers may just be the missing piece to your style puzzle. The key here is to spot floral blazers that aren't as "loud", but more subtle, darker, and neutral hues. The kinds of floral blazers that smart men are sporting to work are designs that are more of a business causal, rather than a strict professional. Having a blazer that can be worn to the office, as well as to a dinner or event after, can do wonders for you int hat it helps save time, and is an effortless way to really boast a dynamic and fashionable style. Furthermore, not to mention the style clout and rep you'll inevitably take on! Floral blazers can range from darker hues, to more neutral colors and even three-quarter length blazers. Here are awesome picks for men who are brave enough o sport a mens floral blazer to the office.

Black Creative Floral Grunge Mens Modern Blazer Here At PILAEO

Sleek Fashion Black Velvet Paisley Leather Sleeve 3Tone Blazer Here At PILAEO

Stylish Silver Floral Plants Single Button Blazer Here At PILAEO

Navy Blue Charming Velvet Floral Mens Blazer Here At PILAEO

Charming Gold Feather Black Slim Fit Blazer Here At PILAEO

Dark Blue Abstract Art Creative Short Sleeve Blazer Here At PILAEO

Dark Blue Floral Trim Three Quarter Sleeve Blazer At PILAEO

Elegant Fashion Floral Embroidered Navy Blue Blazer At PILAEO

<![CDATA[Cool Blazers For Groups...New fashionable blazer picks!]]>Mon, 04 May 2015 09:57:31 GMThttp://meppeastprogram.weebly.com/blog/cool-blazers-for-groupsnew-fashionable-blazer-picksBlazers for groups are a key apparel that some bands, teams, and others often overlook. However, with a few key pointers on which styles work for which performances, any group can look amazingly fashionable at the next event. Modern style has come so far that even groups can be decked out in the latest styles from slim fit, to velvet, and even floral blazers. The key to shopping for wholesale blazers or group blazers is to choose a store that has an ongoing sale, as well as a wide variety of styles that will make the team be more presentable, and fashionable than ever.

Style Tip - Get your group fashionable even more, but pairing an elegant velvet blazer with a bow tie and a cool, vibrant  multicolor handkerchief. In style, it has long been known that it is the smaller details that count. Sticking with key items such as the traditional bow tie will only go to show that your team is elegant, and really dressed to impress.

Wholesale Velvet Blazer For Groups - Top Pick

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